Remote school and home office were adopted by families all over the world

How can physical inactivity affect your health?

Lockdown has brought additional problems to many people, including sedentarism. Home office sounds nice and comfortable, but it’s a two-edged sword as you may end up sitting for long hours behind your desk, which can negatively affect your health.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic appeared, all routines worldwide were forced to change. In order to prevent infections, governments ordered some kind of quarantine, and many people were forced to stay at home

New habits, like remote school and home office, were adopted by families all over the world. There was also an exponential growth of delivery systems. Nowadays, you can buy almost everything online and have it delivered to your front door.

Everything sounds practical and convenient, but think about the hidden side of this lifestyle: in the past, you were more active just by doing your daily tasks. Grocery shopping and other errands -even picking the children from school- implied some activity for your body. Nowadays, you may sit behind your desk for hours without noticing it. If you’re lucky, you have a separate place in your home, but many people work in the same room where they sleep!

Sedentary jobs, combined with a lack of physical activities, can only bring bad consequences to your health. Bodies are naturally designed to move. Bones, muscles, organs, and soft tissues need to move to function optimally. All body systems, like the digestive tract and blood flow, get resented when you don’t move enough.

Physical therapists recommend some kind of exercise moving for some amount of time every hour

Physical therapists recommend some kind of exercise moving for some amount of time every hour. For example, every 60 minutes, take a pause of 10 minutes to walk or to do some stretching movements. If you find it impossible due to your agenda, commit yourself to do any working out session at least three times a week.

Here’s what happens to your body after one day sitting at your computer: the postural muscles, which are around the axial skeleton, including ribs, spine, and pelvis, tend to relax and decrease their activation. In the near future, that will affect your limb musculature, resulting in decreased blood and lymph flow. The lymphatic system should always be active, as it’s the one responsible for your immune system.

The lack of physical activities affect your entire body

After a week of sedentary life, which includes all your TV-hours and the time spent fooling around scrolling on social media before going to sleep, your body can experiment other effects. Your muscle tone gets weaker, and so do your power and endurance. You may experience some metabolic changes too, with can put your body at risk for preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

If a longer period of time goes by and you don’t adopt any physical activity, your body starts to lose muscle mass, bone mass and your cardiopulmonary efficiency will be diminished. Your nervous system will suffer consequences too, and you’ll perceive it on your mood, your brain function, and your energy levels. It’s proven that long sedentary lifestyles have a detrimental impact on peoples’ overall health.

This said, don’t let yourself go, and start doing any physical activity. Your body and your mind will be grateful for it!

Nick Connelly

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