Healthy and delicious breakfast: gluten-free coconut blinis (pancakes)

This is a gluten-free recipe you will love. It´s for people who love pancakes but don´t like to use flour and also for colder months. You won´t regret it!

Winter is the ultimate time for pancakes. Topped with maple syrup and berries or yogurt and raising, pancakes are everyone's favorite breakfast. What better way to start a morning than with a plate of yummy pancakes with a steaming cup of coffee. 

Yet, many people cannot or prefer not to have gluten as part of their diet. Luckily, pancakes are still on the menu, as it's one of the easiest recipes to make without the need to use gluten-containing flour.

Some benefits of cutting back on gluten

It is important to know that while a gluten-free diet may provide several health benefits, people who are not gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant don't need to fully quit gluten.

Some benefits of cutting back on gluten:

It may encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables, leading to a healthier way of living. Swapping a sandwich for a salad or a vegetable stew could definitely help if you’re trying to lose weight.

Many people say that they lose weight, feel less tired, have clearer skin, and have less joint pain on a gluten-free diet. It is likely that these benefits are attributed to the exclusion of unhealthy foods.


To make real coconut pancakes you´ll need one and a half cups of grated coconut.


  1. In a bowl,  mix the coconut with the baking powder.
  2. On the other hand,  beat the eggs and add the milk, the vanilla, and two tablespoons of honey. Mix the dry ones with the wet ones.
  3. Heat a pancake maker,  add oil, and pour one or two tablespoons, spreading the mixture just with the back of the spoon.
  4. First,  brown on one side, when the dough begins to cook turn it over and brown on the other side.
  5. To serve, heat the blueberries in a pan with a tablespoon of honey and the water until they are tender and pour them over the pancakes.

Final tip: it is important to stir the dough before making each pancake so that the grated coconut mixes

Peter O Brien

Peter started out his professional life as a restaurant critic but ended up moving to the kitchen, realizing that his passion didn’t only lie in tasting the food, but MAKING it. Follow his delicious recipes, as well as useful articles about the many benefits healthy and delicious food will bring to your life.+ info

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