"Green" Chocolate: 4 things Hershey does to make the cocoa industry more sustainable

"Green" Chocolate: 4 things Hershey does to make the cocoa industry more sustainable

Recently Hershey released its 2019 Sustainability Report, in which you can check what the company does to make one of your favorite chocolates more sustainable. You'll be surprised.

Hershey is one of the largest chocolate companies in the world. Like many companies in this business, Hershey must think of solutions to minimize its impact on the environment. And not only on the natural environment: but also on the communities where cocoa is produced.

What specific things is this company doing to reduce its environmental impact?

1. Investing resources to build a sustainable supply chain

This brand is committed to ensuring that ingredients and raw materials come from sustainable sources and are obtained in a responsible manner.

This has led to the development of environmental and social programs in which it seeks the welfare of its employees along the value chain, as well as the appropriate use of resources that do not put future generations at risk.

Hershey has managed to obtain 100% certified and sustainable cocoa, 100% sustainable palm oil and 100% sustainable fiber paper.

"Green" Chocolate: 4 things Hershey does to make the cocoa industry more sustainable

2. No child labor within cocoa communities

The company has zero tolerance for child labour in its supply chain. They work to prevent this type of exploitation of children in cocoa communities.

Hershey has developed a strategy called Cocoa For Good, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty while addressing its many symptoms head-on.

Last year Hershey trained over 29,700 farmers and 330 staff providers on child labor, building capacity at the community level to combat the problem.

3. Environmental impact

The chocolate company is committed to preserving ecosystems, reducing its impact on the climate and conserving natural resources. 

So far, the Hershey has reduced 23.6 million pounds of packaging and has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 13% since 2015.

4. Supporting cocoa communities

During 2019, the company supported about 51,009 farmers (12% women) to improve the quality and yield of cocoa. 

Hershey's Cocoa For Good works to strengthen the profitability of cocoa farming. It seeks to diversify household income, educate families about the power of savings, encourage women's leadership and improve the quality of education to break the cycle of poverty in cocoa-producing communities.

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