Frozen veggies: How to avoid sogginess and getting the perfect crispy bites

If you are like me and prefer to stock up on frozen veggies, but prefer to eat crispy veggies, here is the trick!

No one can deny that frozen vegetables are quite convenient: they are ready in a few minutes, they are tasty and they are always colorful! But let’s face it, sometimes they turn out to be soggy. If you want to cook frozen veggies and keep them crispy every time, you have to know a few tricks and tips and we are about to unveil them.

Tip 1

Don’t defrost your frozen veggies

Don’t defrost your frozen veggies –this is the most important trick. Keep them frozen to help them keep the texture.

Tip 2

Don’t boil frozen veggies, adding additional water will only make them soggy. Stick to dry seasoning and water-free cooking methods.

Tip 3

Sautee your frozen veggies

Sautee your frozen veggies, but do not cover the pan, this will make them crispier.

Tip 4

Using an air fryer is a good idea to dry the vegetables out, essential to making it crispy, besides it is quick and easy.

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Peter O Brien

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