The benefits and dangers of some foods on your liver

Foods to avoid and include in a liver-friendly diet

Your liver is an important organ of your body, so you should work to take good care of it. One place to start is your diet, where you can achieve a positive or negative impact on your liver depending on which foods you include in it and which others you stay away from. Learn the best food choices regarding your liver and avoid some of the worst foods for it!

Eat oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal can help your liver work better.

This is a great addition to your breakfasts, and will positively impact your liver as well. Oatmeal can prevent certain liver diseases due to its ability to boost weight loss and reduce belly fat. In addition to this, its high fiber contents will improve your liver's functioning!

Prepare lots of broccoli

Broccoli is a great addition to every meal, which positively impacts your liver.

Vegetables in general will help you keep your liver healthy, but broccoli is especially good to prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. What's best, there are a lot of ways to prepare it -steamed, shredded, roasted- so you'll surely find a way to help your liver that pleases your tastebuds!

Prepare meals with spinach

Spinach is another vegetable that’ll improve your liver’s health.

This leaf vegetable is also a great addition to your liver-friendly diet. The key is its glutathione levels, an antioxidant whose presence is highly appreciated when trying to protect your liver. You can have spinach in different meals and prepare it in many ways, including sautée or fresh.

Avoid fast foods

Fast foods contain high levels of saturated fats and can negatively affect your liver.

The problem with fast foods is their usually high saturated fats content. Too much of them can cause inflammation in the long-term, a common first step towards cirrhosis. This is the scarring of the liver, which negatively affects its health and ability to work properly.

Make the most of blueberries

Blueberries are full of polyphenols, a compound that helps prevent liver diseases.

These small fruits are rich in polyphenols, nutrients that research shows can protect your liver from certain diseases, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This is usually associated with high cholesterol and obesity, so blueberries can help you combat those as well.

Keep some almonds with you

Almonds are a great snack that will help your liver with their high vitamin E content.

While nuts in general will be beneficial for your liver, almonds take the first prize. They're rich in vitamin E and, as an additional benefit, have a positive impact on your heart health. Vitamin E is believed to reduce the risks of developing fatty liver disease, and what a better way to get this nutrient than with almonds, which you can snack on whenever you want to?

Don't be scared of spices and herbs

Several spices and herbs can positively impact your liver.

There are thousands of herbs and spices to choose from, so you'll surely find some that’ll fit your taste. Some of them, like rosemary and oregano, are rich in healthy polyphenols. Another benefit is that they can easily replace salt in many recipes, which can help you lower its consumption.

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