Evening workout: this is what you should eat

If you plan your day around your routine in order to exercise once you've finished your major daily tasks, then you should organize your food, too!

There is a lot of debate around what is the best time to work out, but we do know that you have to work out every day, independently of the time of the day.

Here's a meal plan for those who exercise in the evening.

However, it is important to distribute your calorie, carbs, and nutrients intake in order to make the most out of them (and to have enough energy during your workout routine).

What you eat should match your workout schedule, because your fueling foods should be consistent with those timeframes in which you will need more energy. James Collins, the author of The Energy Plan, came up with an amazing 3-day meal plan for those who work out in the evenings.

Here's the best way to distribute your food intake throughout your day, for three days:

Day 1

Chickpea snacks are perfect for maintenance.

Breakfast: Crab and asparagus omelet
Snack: Spicy roast chickpeas
Lunch: Chickpea and coriander burgers with greek salad
Afternoon snack: Pear, nut, and blackberry bircher.
Dinner: Mexican chicken stew with quinoa and beans

Day 2

Energy bites during the afternoon, before your workout!

Breakfast: Melting tomato and basil omelet
Snack: Sweet and spicy nuts
Lunch: Quinoa salad and grilled halloumi
Afternoon Snack: Healthier flapjack
Dinner: Moroccan chicken with sweet potato mash

Day 3

The perfect breakfast!

Breakfast: Herb omelet with fried tomatoes
Snack: Nutty cinnamon and yogurt dipper
Lunch: Smoked mackerel, orange, and couscous salad
Afternoon Snack: Energy bites
Dinner: Thai prawn and ginger noodles

Source: BBC Good Food

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