Do you know that when you eat you leave an environmental footprint?

Eating habits and environmental impact. How can your diet impact the planet?

Have you thought about how your breakfast, lunch, or dinner impact the planet?  Whatever your diet is, to be sustainable, you must pay attention to the environment and other beings. Our diet today should not put at risk the planet.

The food industry is responsible for 60% of the earth's biodiversity loss: it generates around 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions and almost 33% of soils are moderately or highly degraded by erosion, nutrient depletion, or acidification, among other causes.

Don't waste food, choose organically grown, Fair Trade, local and seasonal - it's healthier for you and the planet!

Do you know that when you eat you leave an environmental footprint?

As a responsible consumer, you can also preserve the health of your environment and other living beings. Pay attention to the origin of food,  the production process, and how it impacts the environment or the lives of farmers or producers. 

The Vegan Diet

A study, published by The Lancet, found the vegan diet is best when it comes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, followed by vegetarian, pescatarian, and flexitarian diets.

The vegan diet accounts for the lowest amount of greenhouse gas emissions out of all diets.

As vegan diets also avoid fish, it can help reverse the declining numbers of fish in the world and encourage diversity of life in the oceans.

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