Eating after 2020: what should you eat during a pandemic to keep your body nourished?

Eating after 2020: what should you eat during a pandemic to keep your body nourished?

We all have learned that how important it is during these COVID times to keep our bodies nourished and resilient and to control our body weight.

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives –we’ve felt there were too many things out of our control, some of us have overeaten, some have become fitter, some have learned to cook and some others have lived eating junk food since the pandemic started. Whatever your case is, we have to understand the importance of supporting our immunity as well as our mental and physical resilience.

Here are some tips to stay as healthy as possible this 2021

Eat nutrient-dense food:

These nutrients will help you support your immune system:

Selenium (found in mushrooms, salmon and tofu), vitamin C, iron (found in meat and leafy vegetables), vitamin A (found in carrots, pepper and oily fish), vitamin D (found in eggs, mushrooms and cereals) and include prebiotics (apple, asparagus, bananas, beans and oats)

Plan your meals

You have to make an effort to keep your blood sugar as stable as you can and this is why it is so important to avoid binge eating and food cravings. Plan your meals and avoid snaking too much.

Stay away from sugar

Sugar makes you feel well for a little time but then it normally leads to mood swings. Try swapping your sugary snacks for fresh and dried fruits.

You needn’t overspend

As a final piece of advice, you should take your time to eat, put your fork down between bites and enjoy every piece of food –chew properly.

The bottom line is that you have to find a pattern of eating that you can stick to and that it is the healthiest for you –having an eating routine will help you structure your day and it will control your appetite.

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