2 phases of the Dubrow Diet

Dubrow Diet: A combination of 2 simple methods for amazing results!

If you want a shock treatment for your diet, the secret's in Terry Dubrow. This plastic surgeon and TV star took some time out of his day to design a diet that won't let you down.

Dubrow's concept is simple: combine a keto diet (with healthy fats and lots of protein) with periods of fasting.  In Dubrow's diet, you combine periods of non-food intake for stages ranging from 16 hours to a full day.

Dubrow diet is a combination of keto diet and intemittent fasting. 

Phase 1

Dubrow method: a shock diet

Designed to give your system a jolt and reset your internal hunger. To achieve this, you must fast 16 hours a day, for example, having dinner at 8pm and skipping breakfast the next morning until your lunch at noon. You should do this for at least five days. Also, you can't drink alcohol.

Phase 2

This phase includes three fasting periods for slow, medium, and rapid weight loss:

In the Dubrow diet, it's important what you eat, as well as when you eat.

The recommendation is to consume plenty of green vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats such as Spinach, Rocket, Kale, Chard, Green beans, Leek, Seaweed, Chicken, Fish, Nuts, Beans, Coffee, Tea, Avocado, Walnut butter, Skimmed yogurt or Coconut yogurt.

As with any meal plant, it's important that you consult with a specialized nutritionist before adopting a new diet in your life. Your body is unique and a health professional can help you identify what is the best and safest diet for you.

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