Don’t eat it! The foods you should never eat together Don’t eat it! The foods you should never eat together

Don’t eat it! The foods you should never eat together

Surprising foods that should never be eaten together. We invite you to improve your diet with some tips that are very effective.

There are foods that eaten alone are beneficial for your health, but when you make a bad combination, they are very heavy and unhealthy. This means that they should be eaten separately. Otherwise, swelling, gas and other more serious and chronic problems can arise.

Health benefits

Banana and Milk

This is a very bad combination that produces toxins in the body. Bananas become sour when they reach the stomach in time for digestion. It can clot milk and become a very heavy combo.

Fruit after a meal

The fruits have high water content and pass quickly through the digestive tract. Taking them as a dessert creates a "clogging" in the stomach. This leads to bloating, and worse, the loss of good nutrients from the fruit due to the fermentation process.


Protein and starch together

Cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese, for example, are popular examples of protein and starch. This is the worst combination because both foods cancel each other out.

Pasta and Cheese Sauce

Acid and starch are two completely different chemicals that the body has to digest.  Fatigue, which is inevitable because the body will need a lot of energy to digest this food, is unavoidable.

Pasta and Cheese Sauce

Bread and jam

Simple carbohydrates are not a good idea if you are watching your sugar. They cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Adding refined sugar to the equation only makes it worse. The body does not like to have a lot of sugar. The extra will be stored in the fat cells.

Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are full of sugar and are not beneficial to health. They are even worse when mixed with alcohol because they have too much caffeine, one of the most dangerous legal drugs. It leads to high blood pressure and a racing heart.

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