Discover why oranges are much more than vitamin C

Discover why oranges are much more than vitamin C

Discover this refreshing fruit's benefits. 

Oranges are well-known for its great content of Vitamin C, but, in addition to this component, this citrus fruit has many other qualities. Continue reading to find out about its healing properties, benefits and nutritional value. 

Oranges are ideal to prevent cardiovascular diseases

Orange is highly beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart disease and fight inflammation, studies show. 

Oranges are powerful antioxidants

Due to their high content of vitamin C, oranges are a powerful antioxidant, which strengthens the body's immune system. It also contains calcium, magnesium, beta carotene, folic acid, phosphorous, potassium, copper, zinc, citric acid, which are all extremely beneficial for our immune system.

In addition to its vitamin C content, they can prevent numerous degenerative diseases and helps maintain healthy eyesight.  

Oranges are much more than Vitamin C

Oranges improve gut health

Its contribution of fibre contained in the form of pectin, which is found in the white peel of the orange. It improves gut health,  prevents constipation and cleanses the intestinal tract.

They help absorb iron and fight anaemia

Both vitamin C and citric acid can increase your body’s absorption of iron from the digestive tract, according to one studyEaten with iron-rich foods, oranges can prevent and fight anaemia. 

The properties of this fruit are infinite, in addition to those already mentioned, oranges are believed to alkalize the blood, prevent colds, strengthen the nervous system and help rejuvenate the body.

What if we prepare a delicious smoothie to take advantage of some of its benefits?

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