Dieting myths that might be actually making you gain weight

When it comes to dieting, there are a lot (seriously, a LOT) of myths and half-truths around. Here we are to try to shed some light on this matter.

How many times have you been on Instagram seeing incredible transformation stories and thinking "wow, I definitely need to do the same thing"? Probably, countless.

The first rule, when it comes to losing weight, is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. Simply because there aren't two similar bodies around. That being said, there are some general things that apply to all of us humans, but there are also a lot of myths around. Let's debunk some of them:

Why drinking vitamins if you can eat them?

Myth: Green smoothies are a must
Truth: Eat your greens!

Celebrities are all over the place with their green smoothies, and it's fine, but why would you drink it if you can eat it? "Blending vegetables and fruit does the job our mouths do in digestion which means that we don’t have to chew them," says Dr. Marilyn Glenville, a nutrition expert and author of Fat Around the Middle

Oat flakes are usually the ones with less sugar.

Myth: Sugar-free cereal won't make you fat
Truth: Natural sugars can make you gain weight

Sugar-free cereal usually comes with dried fruit. "When it comes to dried fruit commonly found in so-called sugar-free mueslis such as raisins and apricots, all the water has been taken out," says David Gillespie, author of the bestselling book Sweet Poison. Instead, you should look at the label and try to find the one that is closest to zero as it gets in the ingredients list. Usually, oat flakes are the ones closest to that.

Carbs at night might not be such a bad idea!

Myth: Don't eat carbs at night
Truth: Carbs don't know how to tell the time

There is a lot of debate around this one, but science has shown that there is no conclusive evidence that eating carbs at night will make you gain weight. As a matter of fact, some experts are actually claiming that it could be that eating carbs at night is actually better for weight loss! So, if you feel like testing this one yourself, you can have a fist-sized portion of wholegrain carbs before bed. The best forms are quinoa or brown rice. And it will help you sleep better, too!

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