Detox drinks: myth or reality? Detox drinks: myth or reality?

Detox drinks: myth or reality?

How many times have we placed our trust in detox drinks after eating not that healthy? Detox beverages gained much popularity in the last time due to their potential benefits for health.

Getting rid of toxins and weight loss are the most common benefits that are associated with detox drinks due to their ingredients. They usually include herbs and vegetables that promote these characteristics of the beverages and teas. For example, skullcap root, rhubarb root, ginger, juniper berry, cilantro, and coriander, among others.

Some ingredients usually have chelating properties.

Although they are very popular and drunk for these purposes, there is little scientific evidence regarding the detox properties. What studies suggest is that some of the ingredients usually used have chelating properties. This means that they’re able to bind to metals. But research nothing says about detox effects.

Besides, the organism has a detox system itself, integrated by liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin that work to remove waste from the body. Moreover, there is no research that supports that herbal detoxes have an enhancing effect on the body’s ability to perform its regular duties.

Smoothies can include different vegetables and fruits.

Regarding the weight loss, it is assumed that this effect is caused by herbal detoxes that contain diuretic ingredients. As a result, the body expels more water through urine and feces. 

So, if you are relying on detox drinks and beverages because of their potential benefits, you can consider changing your daily habits to get a balanced and healthy diet.

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