DIY: quick vegan sushi (ready in 30 minutes) DIY: quick vegan sushi (ready in 30 minutes)

DIY: quick vegan sushi (ready in 30 minutes)

Who doesn't like sushi? Whether you are vegan, or vegetarian, or simply you don't like raw fish, we recommend this vegan recipe that you will definitely love! It may sound difficult at first, but we assure you that making sushi on your own is easier than it seems. 

If you want to prepare sushi, you have to know that the key is in the combination of flavors. Undoubtedly, it is a healthy option because it has vegetables and nori sheets which provide several nutrients, calcium and vitamins. It is a good way to stop consuming fish, as it contains large amounts of mercury and you could have a chance of being poisoned. Also by making this recipe you will not be promoting animal abuse.

Homemade sushi

As soon as you practice it, you will get better, but the key is to cheer yourself up, have a little of patience and take into account some tricks that we are going to explain to you. We assure you it will be cheaper than at the restaurant!

You will need:


Press down while you are rolling the sushi 

For dipping, you can use whatever you want, such as soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, chili garlic sauce, etc.

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