Christmas gluten-free fruit crumble

Christmas gluten-free fruit crumble

A delicious Christmas dessert option to share with family and friends.

Holidays are coming and we are all looking forward to reuniting with our families and friends. Christmas and New Year are two dates where, in particular, we eat very delicious things that we share with our loved ones.

For those who value sweet food, an excellent option is the fruit crumble. This dessert is suitable for celiacs, it does not require the use of flour and it is very nutritious since it uses different fruits. We bring you a recipe with pears, peaches, and oranges, but you can use any fruit you like, especially those that are water-based. Bananas, for example, are not the best option for this kind of dessert. This is a very healthy and tasty option for dessert lovers.

Although a pear, peach and orange crumble is very tasty, you can try other fruits as well.


Muscabo sugar gives a little extra taste to the whole crumble.


Boil the pears in water with the orange until they are tender. Drain and let cool. Mix with the peaches and place in a baking dish. Make sandblasting with butter, oats, sugar, and almonds. Cover the fruit with this preparation and bake over medium heat until golden. Serve warm with ice cream or semi-whipped cream.

Cooking tip: as optional, we can add some nuts and a mix of small seeds such as flax, sesame, chia, and sunflower to the crumble mixture.

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