Chili, a popular ingredient with surprising benefits (recipe included)

Chili, a popular ingredient with surprising benefits (recipe included)

The chili has great healing and nutritional properties. Today we list 5 fun facts about chili. 

Chili is a popular ingredient in many cultures. And it hides suprising health benefits. 

1. The hotness of the chili is due to a substance called capsaicin, which curiously is a defense of the chili to avoid being eaten by predators. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is being studied as a cancer-fighter.

2. In addition to being an extraordinary condiment, it is also a food of great nutritional value. Chili peppers are full of beta carotene that supports your immune system and will help to fight off colds and the flu.

Chili has many health benefits

3. Like many other edible plants, chili has medicinal properties, and has been used as a remedy since pre-Hispanic times, to treat respiratory and digestive problems as well as cough or cold.

4. A huge study, published in the British Medical Journal, indicated that a diet filled with spices - including chillies - was beneficial for health.

Chili may help alleviate migraines

5. The Aztecs resorted to chili to alleviate ailments and discomforts such as caries pain, infected ear, constipation and labor pains. We may not use chili for those anymore, but it is used to alleviate migraines. 

Try our enchiladas recipe to include a bit more spice into your diet. 

Victoria Thais

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