Check out Victoria’s Secret Taylor Hill’s diet

What do supermodels like Taylor Hill eat? When we see their pictures we usually ask ourselves about their diet. Here we tell you all about their diet.

Taylor Hill is not only a beautiful supermodel, she is also very funny and charismatic and that is why many people admire her. She tells us all about her diet to take care of her body!

Check out Victoria’s Secret Taylor Hill’s diet

What does she eat?

Taylor Hill doesn’t follow a super calorie-restrictive diet. Instead, she keeps her focus on eating fresh, healthy food. As long as the food is natural and unrefined, she is up for it. So yes, that includes carbs, too!
Throughout her day, she incorporates a lot of protein, fresh vegetables, sprouted grains, sweet potato, and rice. With this diet, her body is always fueled up and ready to deal with an intense workout, which she actually enjoys.

Check out Victoria’s Secret Taylor Hill’s diet

However,  she sometimes eats whatever she wants (like Cheetos, which she loves!). She says (and we agree) that the key is to it everything in moderation.

What's her workout routine?

Her workout is mainly focused on strength training and, even if she usually trains her whole body, some days she pays special attention to her legs and booty. You can easily understand why. She also practices Pilates and slow, muscle-targeting movements.

Taylor Hill workout // Photo: Instagram @taylor_hill

How has the fashion industry transformed her perception?

Contrary to what anyone might expect, Taylor Hill has told Byrdie that before becoming a model, “I used to hate my body and I thought I was really ugly.

“You're beautiful no matter what you look like, no matter what body type you have. 

Taylor Hill // Photo: Instagram @taylor_hill

I always envied curvy women, because I wasn't that. The grass is always greener, and you'll always have to deal with that. But being a model has helped me embrace my own body type. It's hard on some girls, but it actually helped me a lot.”

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