Celebrate burger month with these delicious vegan burgers!

Celebrate burger month with these delicious vegan burgers!

If you thought a plant-based diet was boring, you'd better think again! here are some tasty treats you won't be able to resist!

We like to take burger month seriously, and by that we mean we want to try as many burgers as we possibly can —because who doesn't love yummy patties? we all do! Of course, we are talking delicious, juicy, absolutely gorgeous vegan burgers. And contrary to what you might think, there are a lot (we mean it, a lot) of options available. 

Here are some of the most popular ones that you can find at your local grocery store.

The Beyond Burger

These vegan burgers are soy-free and gluten-free. It also has 20 grams of protein per patty. And, needless to say, these are cruelty-free. You can find them in any major grocery store or you can check availability on their website. These burgers are unbelievably delicious as the brand has relaunched this item to make it chewier, juicier, and overall meatier —without the meat!

Trader Joe's Protein Patty

With 18 grams of protein per unit, there is a good reason they are called that way. These plant-based patties have a flashy color and a sweet taste, mainly thanks to the beet the add to the mixture. They are also softer and less meaty in texture compared to The Beyond burgers, which is a treat for vegans who are actually grossed out by meat.

The Meatless Farm Co. Meat-Free Burgers

These flavorful and juicy patties are also full of proteins and they are incredibly meaty. If you are the kind of person that adds a ton of veggies and condiments to your burgers because you feel they lack something, then you will definitely enjoy these! So tasty you can even eat them alone.

Tofurky plant-based burger

These burgers offer a combination of soy protein, vegetable protein, and wheat gluten, which gives the patties a perfect texture for grilling. Forget about the crumbly mess, Torfuky plant-based burgers are exactly what you need for a nice Sunday barbecue.

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