Catherine Zeta-Jones' way of keeping beautiful and healthy

Catherine Zeta-Jones' way of keeping beautiful and healthy

Movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones says that balancing protein and carbohydrates and spending at least 45 minutes a day doing activities such as dancing, swimming, yoga or Pilates is how she manages to stay in shape.

Catherine enjoys the tranquility of the sea, going out to walk her dogs and getting eight hours of sleep, but she assures us that the true secret of beauty lies in being happy.

"Happiness is the best tonic for staying young; if you're happy on the inside, it shows on the outside too."

Catherine surely has access to the world's best beauty products, but she likes to use natural products to keep her teeth perfectly white.

 "I love to eat an apple after a meal, just to cleanse my teeth - they always look polished afterwards. If there aren’t any apples in the fruit bowl, a strawberry will suffice. The juice or pulp of strawberries contains malic acid which serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains.’

Finally, Catherine shares a secret to natural hair care:

"I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards but it’s very good for the hair."

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