Building a healthy meal with Alicia Silverstone

Building a healthy meal with Alicia Silverstone

The actress has long been known for her health-focused approach to diet and exercise. She shares her way of meal planning and building a healthy meal in 3 simple steps.

Alicia, who is plant-based, has recently shared the way she structures her meals and we loved the simplicity and the lack of fancy and expensive ingredients. So what does she focus on when cooking a meal?

Alicia follows a very simple structure for all her meals: VEGGIES (a mix of seasonal vegetables and greens)+GRAINS (quinoa, rice)+PROTEIN (beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan).

Her typical breakfast can be anything from oats to pancakes, miso soup, bean soup and always a portion of greens.

Alicia is a fan of batch cooking, which simplifies the task when you're short of time. She avoids sugar and white flour, although she might have these as an occasional treat. 

Alicia's lunches and dinners follow the same principle. She may have risotto and side-salad or a bowl of quinoa with tofu and vegetables. She also takes her own food when working on set. 

The actress has published a cookbook called The Kind Diet, where she goes into great detail about the way she eats. 

So what are the benefits of structuring your meals this way? First, it gives you the opportunity to be creative and experiment with flavours and textures. You will also be able to use all the ingredients you already have in the kitchen, without following complicated recipes and long lists of strange foods you may not be able to find locally.

Being flexible is key and knowing you can mix and match is a fantastic way to keep your meals healthy. Eating vegetables, grains and beans, batch cooking and taking your own lunch to work will also save you money. What's not to love? 

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