Breakfast is Sacred. 3 Breakfast Habits you Need to Avoid for a Healthy Start of Your Day.

If you are part of the breakfast crowd, you will be interested in knowing some unhealthy habits.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you need to ensure it's healthy and sets you up for the day full of energy. Read on to learn which habits can make your breakfast unhealthy

1. Believing that breakfast is not important

The worst habit of all. If you think you're going to sort out breakfast just with a coffee and a cookie, you're wrong.  It's an important meal so treat is as such. Don't think that with a granola bar and a supermarket juice you'll be done. Instead go for a nutritious bowl of cereals with fruits, nuts and seed. You can also have homemade juices or smoothies

2.      Eating fast

We have said that breakfast is important, right? Then you should take some time. Breakfast is not having coffee and a cookie in 1 minute 20 seconds. That's swallowing, and it's not good for anything. If you struggle with mornings, get up 15 minutes early.  Give yourself time to sit at the table and taste what you're eating, you'll feel the difference

Make sure you take your time to enjoy your meals. Believe or not , it makes a huge difference

3. Avoid cold water

Drinking water is the most cleansing act of the morning, it comforts the body after several hours of fasting. However, it's best if you drink warm water. Studies show that having a glass of warm water in the morning can help your digestive system and even relax you.

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