Body Transformation: Mike Tyson's Mysterious Vegan Diet

Body Transformation: Mike Tyson's Mysterious Vegan Diet

Mike Tyson lost 100 pounds on a surprisingly vegan diet. The boxer changed his life routine for healthy habits that allow him to be healthy and strong again.

Tyson stopped eating meat, alcohol, and other bad habits. The double heavyweight champion had gained weight and was far from his ideal body.

However, Mike Tyson decided to start a semi-vegan diet to begin balancing his weight. In this way, the boxer lost 45 kilos and now thinks about returning to the ring.

 "Becoming a vegan helped me eliminate all those problems from my life.

The reality is that not only is what you eat importantly, but it's even more important to know if what you're eating is what your body really needs. Tyson decided to eliminate animal fats when he saw that his body was not metabolizing them well, he did it at the same time that he eliminated alcohol.

Mike now gets enough rest at night to be healthy, and that allows him to train more and better.

Training smarter every day.

Each person has a different type of diet. In Tyson's case, the semi-vegan diet helped him look healthier, faster, and eager to get back to the ring. Remember to always seek advice from a nutritionist or health professional if you'd like to adopt a new diet.

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