Bimi, a super vegetable that is conquering the market (recipe included)

Bimi, a super vegetable that is conquering the market (recipe included)

Discover its incredible properties

Have you heard of bimi? Surely you do not know this new vegetable that has recently appeared on the market. A cousin of broccoli, this new vegetable is already positioning itself as a new superfood. 

Bimi is also known by the name of broccolini and arose from a natural cross between two species of cruciferous plants, broccoli and Chinese cabbage. The seeds of this cross were first synthesized in 1993 by the Sakata Seed Company in Yokohama, Japan, where this plant is known as asparation.

Studies carried out on this vegetable show, that just like broccoli, bimi can prevent cardiovascular diseases and the formation of cataracts as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

The bimi has a sweet and smooth flavor, with an asparagus-like stem and a broccoli-like floret on the tip. It' looks like a more stylized and elongated broccoli.

The flowers at the top of this new hybrid have a higher content of dietary fiber,  protein and minerals than conventional broccoli. It also has more calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc, minerals of great dietary importance.

Let's get the juice out of those nutrients with this recipe for gnocchi with bimi in soy sauce and ginger. 

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