Ariana Grande's secret to staying fit and healthy

Ariana Grande's secret to staying fit and healthy

The famous singer knows how to stay fit and healthy at all times, with an eating plan that guarantees great results.

In 2013 Ariana Grande switched to a vegan diet. And her diet includes a substantial energy source: power smoothies with berries, oat or almond

Among the ingredients to prepare Ariana Grande's smoothies are: nonfat yoghurt, lemon juice, cucumber, green grapes, pumpkin seeds, red apples, spinach and ice.

Ariana Grande's smoothies

In addition, Ariana often uses her Instagram stories to share photos of her nutritious breakfasts that include oatmeal, coconut water and lots of fruit.

During the rest of the day, the singer maintains her healthy diet by eating balanced foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains. It's important to eat a variety of vegetables and plant protein like beans and tofu. Ariana is a big fan of Japanese vegan dishes.

A small change that gave her great results. Plant-based food allowed Ariana to achieve an admirable and healthy body and gave her all the energy that the singer needs to meet her daily commitments.

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