Are you iron deficient? 8 symptoms to watch out for.

Are you iron deficient? 8 symptoms to watch out for.

Iron is key for our energy leves and our mood. There are some symptoms that you may indicate your iron levels are lower than they should be. 

1. Do you feel tired?

Together with other minerals, Iron carries oxygen to your muscles. When your muscles do not receive oxygen, you will feel more tired than usual; and your strength will decrease over a short period of time. It is common to feel mental fatigue and lack of concentration. The brain is one of the organs of your body that demands more energy, and the lack of oxygen is very noticeable in the performance of your neurons.

Tiredness can be a sign of iron deficiency

2. Are you irritable?

Chronic iron deficiency interferes with the way your neurones communicate with each other. Your nerve cells work by exchanging among each other a series of chemicals called neurotransmitters, particles that act as messengers going from one neurones to another. When neurones' communication is impaired, the result can be a state of anxiety and irritability.

3. Do you feel sad?

Iron intervenes in the metabolism of some neurotransmitters involved in mood. However, the feeling of irritability is not the only one that appears due to this kind of imbalance. It can even increase the risk of suffering from depression.

Iron deficiency can have a negative effect on our mood.

4. Is your skin paler?

Hemoglobin is what gives blood its red color. When Iron level decrease, either from a lack of iron or another cause, the skin looks paler. Lower levels of iron in our blood also slows down skin healing.

5. Did you notice your hair and nails are weaker?

Hair receives nutrients through the blood vessels. If your iron levels are low (even without suffering from anaemia), your hair  and nails will suffer and looks thinner and more brittle.

Low Iron levels can make your and nails weaker

6. Do you have headaches more often than usual?

This is one of the first symptoms of people who have sustained anaemia often show. It is also caused by the lack of oxygen in the blood that reaches the brain.

7. Do you get tachycardia?

When severe, the excessive and constant lack of iron is may lead to tachycardia, and palpitations.

8. Do you suffer from infections regularly?

The efficiency of the cells in charge of defending your body from invading microorganisms, can also be affected by the lack of energy. Therefore, the frequency of colds, flu and infections in general may be related to iron deficiency.

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