Are there any benefits to eating cream cheese, or is it bad for you?

Are there any benefits to eating cream cheese, or is it bad for you?

I absolutely love my morning toast with some cream cheese, but I had never stopped to think about it possibly being unhealthy. So I did some research to find out whether it was actually healthy to have it on a daily basis. Here is what I’ve find out!

Cream cheeses probably one of the most popular spreads for bread. It is rich in vitamin A and calcium, but how healthy it is will depend largely on the type you purchase.

Regular cream cheese has around 100 calories per two tablespoons, 9 grams of fat (with almost 6 grams being saturated fat) and it’s high in cholesterol –it represents 80% of the recommended daily value.

On the other hand, although reduced-fat cream cheese has less fat, obviously, but it is high in preservatives that are not found in regular cream cheese –and these might cause irritation and lower your blood pressure.

I love cheam cheese spreds.

Fat-free cheese is almost a completely different product, it is high in proteins, it has artificial color, artificial flavor, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate and sodium phosphate –all of these ingredients have a long list of side effects.

So it’s either consuming a lot of fat (in the case of regular cream cheese) or consuming potentially harmful additives. So, if you ask me, I actually think it’s better not to include any type of cream cheese in your diet at all.

Hummus is a great alternative!

Since my research, I have replaced cream cheese with hummus, cottage cheese or almond butter.

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