Adele breaks the internet with new look

Sirtfood: the Diet Behind Adele's Transformation

Her transformation went viral, but how did she do it?

Fifteen times Grammy winner Adele surprised fans on her 32nd birthday with an Instagram post that left everyone speechless. Looking incredible, the "Rolling in the Deep" singer stunned in a gorgeous black dress.

Among flatteries and compliments, the British singer’s post went viral, achieving over 5 million likes in a short time. In her post, she took the opportunity to thank medical workers for their effort and dedication.

Yet what everyone is wondering is how she achieved this incredible transformation.

Adele began her transformation journey in 2019, reportedly following the popular Sirtfood diet, an eating plan that promises great results, but has to be followed under close supervision.

Sirtfood is a diet that limits the foods that can be eaten to those rich in sirtuins (a class of proteins) or rather, foods that activate them.  The plan consists of two phases:

Phase 1 (one week): For the first three days, caloric intake is reduced to only 1,000 kcal daily. These would be consumed in form of sirtfood juices plus 1 meal a day. From day four to seven, intake is increased to 1,500 kcal a day, including juices and 2 solid meals a day.

Phase 2 (two weeks): Known as the maintenance phase, it includes three meals high in sirtfoods, one sirtfood juice, and one or two sirtfood snacks.

What foods are allowed?

Sirtfoods include dark chocolate (85% cocoa), apples, chicken, turkey, shrimp, citrus, capers, kale, spices, green tea and red wine among others.

Camila Goodis, the singer's personal trainer, highlighted in a statement to The Sun, that the key to Adele's success has largely been due to her diet, indicating that she had significantly reduced the recommended calorie intake for an adult woman and had completely "changed her lifestyle". Adele’s a training plan includes practicing Pilates, as well as strength training.

While Adele's post and her shockingly smaller size has provoked some critisism, we celebrate the singer's dedication and commitment. Not to mention her endless talent. Everyone should feel good about themselves, no matter the size. As long as they are happy and healthy.

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