A Simple Method to Prepare your own Kefir.

A Simple Method to Prepare your own Kefir

The preparation is like a ritual, the kefir nodules can be grown at home in various media: water, milk from different seeds or fruit juice, although experts agree that the most suitable version is the one prepared with water.

In a glass jar, place three tablespoons of hydrated kefir nodules, 50 grams of sugar that will activate the fermentation, half a whole lemon, two dried fruits (figs, dates or raisins) and one liter of pure water. It is important to note that the liquid must not occupy more than two thirds of the volume of the container, since there must be a free space for air.

Stir with a wooden or plastic ladle (avoid metal), cover the jar with a canvas attached with an elastic band and leave it to rest for 24 hours, in a warm place protected from light, the next day, stir and macerate for another 24 hours.

A Simple Method to Prepare your own Kefir: The kefir nodules can be grown at home in various media

Finally, the nodules are removed (which will have multiplied, which indicates that the preparation was well done), and the lemon is squeezed into the liquid obtained, which will be slightly sweet and slightly acidic.

Depending on the culture time, the effect will be different on the regulation of intestinal function: the one of less than 24 hours is laxative (it should be taken at night); the 72-hour astringent; and the intermediate, 48 hours, neutral.

Don't waste any more time, and start the preparation process, lengthen your life and improve your health.

Tips for a successful preparation:

A Simple Method to Prepare your own Kefir: Kefir fermantation is affected by room temperature.

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