A New App that Helps You Shop for Most Nutritional Foods by Simply Scanning Labels with Your Phone.

Have you tried googling  "healthy diet"? If so, you may have noticed that Obesity is the other great pandemic. Learn about Nutri-score, tha app that helps you assess and understand food products based on its ingredientes, and nutritional values.

If the Covid 19 crisis is accomplishing anything, it is that technology is advancing much faster than we could have imagined. And what better way to detect what's really hiding behind these attractive packages than with food?

Knowing what we eat is not just a matter of understanding the average nutrient analysis table. It's about interpreting the information provided by the ingredient list, as well as understanding the technicalities and acronyms that appear.

To facilitate this, in some countries simpler logo options or simplified nutritional labelling can be found on packaging, which has been implemented in the framework of public health policies.

Among these initiatives is Nutri-score, a food assessment system that evaluates foods based on their composition and classifies them into five categories according to their nutritional quality (A, B, C, D and E), represented in the form of a chain of 5 coloured circles ranging from dark green (best nutritional quality) to red (worst nutritional quality).

Nutri-score app help you identity nutritional food at the supermarket

Big names, such as Nestle have announced plans for adopting this labelling system into their products.

Although with some limitations, Nutri-score has scientific accreditation that supports its use. If it is implemented, there is no doubt that its implementation must be accompanied by an educational campaign aimed at the population so that this tool is as useful as possible.

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