9 questions to check whether or not you are a responsible consumer

9 questions to check whether or not you are a responsible consumer

What could be better than to check directly if you really have planet-friendly and environmentally responsible habits? We ask you ten questions to answer honestly. Take your time.  

1. Do I really needto buy this?

Reason your consumption by attending to real needs, not just impulses. Buying more won't make you happier.

2. Do I buy local and seasonal products?

Ask your greengrocer about seasonal fruits, vegetables, cereals or grains that you may not have tried. You will help their economy and have more food variety to choose from.

3. Do I bring my own shopping bag?

Buy in bulk and avoid over-packaging. As the saying goes, there's no excuse for single use. 

How to be more eco friendly

4. Do I look for products in reusable packaging?

You can give them a second life as containers, decoration or through some craft.  You'd be surprised what you can do if the packaging is pretty enough.

5. Do I plan my menu before I buy?

You will save money. If you have leftovers, there are recipe options for you to take advantage of.


Buy local and seasonal produce

6. Am I aware of the life cycle of a product and its environmental impact?

 Find out about the impact and costs of a product during its life cycle (production, distribution, use and disposal). Similarly, avoid purchasing products with limited use.

7. Do I choose biodegradable products?

It is advisable to choose products made from renewable, recycled and biodegradable materials. 

8. Do I take care of my clothes?

If you buy clothes and choose natural raw materials such as organic cotton, linen and hemp, silk or recycled fabrics, you are on the right track. Look for sustainable options in small neighborhood boutiques or online stores. If you don't like a garment anymore, don't throw it away, think about modifying it, exchanging it or reusing it. Avoid fast fashion and buy vintage.

Do you take care of your clothes?

9. Do I read labels?

If you need to buy electrical appliances, consider those with the lowest energy consumption indicated on the labels and to know if their materials will be recycled at the end of their useful life.

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