7 Tips to tackle intermittent fasting

7 tips you need to tackle intermittent fasting

If you’ve just started intermittent fasting, it could get a bit challenging. These tips will help you keep it more manageable.

If you don’t know how intermittent fasting really works, here is a complete guide to it. There are several patterns you can choose from, the most popular being the 16/8 method: you fast for 16 hours and you eat in an 8-hour window. Once you’ve done your research and found out whether it works for you, here is how to tackle the grumbling of your stomach, fatigue and stress until you get used to it.

Start with a modified schedule, make your eating window smaller every day until you’ve reached the desired amount of hours of fasting. Build your tolerance little by little.

2. Drink lots of water

2. Drink lots of water

Keeping hydrated with noncaloric fluids during your fasting period will make it easier –water, teas, and calorie-free flavored drinks will help you go through those hours.

3. Eat slowly and frequently

Aim to eat every 3 hours within your 8-hour window, to get your calories in –make sure you eat the right amount of calories for your age, lifestyle and height.

4. Plan your meals

Make sure your meals are nutritious, healthy and tasty. If you don’t plan your meals, you risk binge eating once your fasting period finishes.

5. Prep your meals

If you know you are not going to have time to cook, prep your meals in advance to save time and eat a balanced diet.

6. Include healthy fat

6. Include healthy fat

Adding from 2 to 3 tablespoons of healthy fats to your evening mail will keep your blood sugar levels steady overnight –you can have olive oil, coconut butter or avocado.

7. Don’t try it if you have sleeping problems

If you already have trouble sleeping, IF is likely to make it worse.

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