7 nutrition mistakes that can be affecting your energy

7 nutrition mistakes that can drain your energy

Time for better and healthier habits! If you feel tired, chances are you are making some nutrition mistakes which can affect your energy. Read on and learn more about these mistakes

Consider yourself a priority and listen to your body. Which foods make you feel radiant, and which make you feel bad? These are some things that affect your overall energy and mood. 

1) Eating too quickly

Several studies have shown that eating slowly increases feelings of satiety

When eating, your body needs time to receive a signal showing that you are full and several studies have shown that eating slowly increases feelings of satiety. As a result, eating quickly can be disruptive for your digestion and your overall energy levels. So take some time to eat slowly and mindfully. 

What does eating mindfully mean? It means eating appreciating food. Before eating, express gratitude for the food on your plate. Then eat, paying attention to the flavors and textures in your mouth. Put your phone away and take mindful moments to pause from eating and connect with the other people at your table.

2) Eating a lot of sugar

Sugar consumption can cause fatigue and lead to less restorative sleep.

With the holiday coming, eating sweets is inescapable, so it is not necessary to totally avoid these delicious foods but do try to consume sugary foods in moderation and balance them out with more grounding foods. In fact, according to researchers, sugar consumption can cause fatigue and lead to less restorative sleep.

3) Forgetting to hydrate

Pay attention to your water intake and stay hydrated

This is the apple cider and wine moment of the year. That sounds good to celebrate the festivities but they do not hydrate as your body needs. Conversely, they are full of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can actually be dehydrating. So do not forget to drink water since it is the best drink for hydration. 

Research has shown that hydration supports cognitive performance, digestion, heart function, disease prevention, skin health, and more. So pay attention to your water intake and if you are not a water person, you can also drink tea or add some fruit essence to your glass of water. 

4) Drinking alcohol to try to relax

Drinking alcohol to relax is not a good idea since alcohol can affect digestion

This seems to be a good idea after a long day or during stressful times to relax. However, alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns and affect digestion, among other negative consequences.

In conclusion, if you want to go through the day with energy, you should consider these nutrition mistakes so as not to make them.

Peter O Brien

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