7-day green smoothie challenge. Discover its benefits

7-day green smoothie challenge: boost your health with these smoothies

Would you go on a 7-day green smoothie challenge? Adding greens to your diet makes all the difference and a smoothie will help you get lots in without even noticing.  These drinks are full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be at its best.

Get ready to feel better than ever by committing to one of these nutritious green smoothies a day for the next week. So nutritious that you will be full of energy, with radiant skin and a good mood.

Green smoothies benefits:

Helps the body get rid of toxins

Green smoothies help get rid of toxins

A simple way to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits

Green smoothies provide fiber, calcium, and vitamins

Increased bioavailability of nutrients

Avocado smoothie

Improves the quality of your blood

Green smoothie

Green smoothies 7 days inspiration!

You can add chia seeds, flaxseed, protein powder, spirulina, maca, crushed nuts and seeds, vanilla extract, or whatever you like!

Peter O Brien

Peter started out his professional life as a restaurant critic but ended up moving to the kitchen, realizing that his passion didn’t only lie in tasting the food, but MAKING it. Follow his delicious recipes, as well as useful articles about the many benefits healthy and delicious food will bring to your life.+ info

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