6 tips to make your week's shopping healthier

6 simple tips to make your week's shopping healthier

Let's face it: you usually leave the supermarket with 50% more products than you thought you were going to buy when you came in. And you know what? Most of those foods are not only expendable: they may also not be the best for your health. Read on to learn how your shopping can be more efficient, and help you become healthier.

It's a classic image: you go to the supermarket without any list, with a couple of ideas in your head, and as you go through each kilo of vegetable, you add the new cookies with chocolate chips, a khaki and currant juice. And of course some new super healthy extra chips.

If you want to do a healthy shopping and improve your diet as well as reducing your budget at the supermarket, check out these tips

1. Write down the products you need on a list. And stick to it!

If we buy with a list it is easier to avoid last minute impulses that add calories and extra expenses to our purchase. It's smarter to think coldly about what we need, and avoid temptation.

6 tips to make your week's shopping healthier

2.. Make a planned, weekly menu

Make time at the weekend to plan your meals for the week. That way you will know better what foods you need. It will also reduce time during the week if you know what you will cook beforehand.

3. Buy a variety of foods...and organic if possible.

Anything you can buy at a local market, produced in organic gardens or that you can make yourself at home, such as bread, is a great step towards making a healthy purchase. It is easy to see the variety: if there are many colors, good sign!: fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, dairy, proteins, healthy fats.

4. Buy on line

There are many online initiatives to buy vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products directly from producers. You will fine good quality products, good prices and you will be better organized.

6 tips to make your week's shopping healthier

5. Read the labels

In them you will find the secrets of the product. The first ingredient that appears is the one that is present in greater quantity. So if it says Sugar, watch out.

There are also multiple preservatives and additives. If there are more than four, there are many additives

6. Eat something before you go shopping

It's a good technique to avoid temptation. If you go shopping on an empty stomach you will buy more than what you need. Don't shop with your stomach, do it with your brain.

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