5 fun facts about mango (recipe included)

5 fun facts about mango (recipe included)

5 fun facts about mangoes you probably didn't know

Mango is a pulpy, oval and tropical fruit that usually enchants everyone with its delicious flavor. We decided to list some fun facts about this tropical fruit. 

Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of this fruit that never reach the supermarket shelves?

1. It is the national fruit of three countries

In three countries on the planet, mangoes are so popular that they were declared the national fruit: India, Pakistan and the Philippines gave mango this title.

But Bangladesh considers mango its national tree.

2. The name "mango" comes from India

Most likely, the origin of the word mango is found in the voice "mankay" of Tamil Nadu or in the term "mangga" of Kerala, both are states of India. It was trade with the Portuguese that gave that fruit the new name. The mango tree is believed to have originated at the foot of the Himalayas corresponding to India and Myanmar.

The oldest mango tree is 300 years old!

3. It is a sacred tree for Buddhists

The Buddha is said to have meditated and rested alongside other monks in a peaceful environment provided by the shade of mango trees. As a result, Buddhists consider the tree that produces this delicious fruit to be sacred.

4. It's closest relatives may be nuts like pistachio

The closest relative of a mango is not usually found in another juicy and sticky fruit, but rather the pistachio nut!

Mango is full of benefits

5.- The oldest mango tree is over 300 years old

The oldest tree has been standing for about 300 years on the eastern side of Kandesh in central India and still bears fruit!

Let's make a delicious dessert with this almost magical fruit 

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