4 reasons to include sweet potato in your diet (recipe included)

4 reasons to include sweet potato in your diet (recipe included)

They are delicious, easy to prepare and the best thing is that they are an ideal ingredient to have when you want to stick to a healthy diet. 

1. For beautiful and wrinkle-free skin

Sweet potatoes contain large amounts of vitamin A, which is very common to find in dermatological treatments. It also helps prevent wrinkles and helps to improve skin tone.

2. To prevent cramps

The potassium contained in this type of potato is in charge of preventing annoying cramps, avoiding muscle weakness and tiredness.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A

3. For healthy bones

The vitamin D that sweet potatoes contain helps you keep your bones strong as well as your teeth and thyroid gland.

4. Improve your sight

One cup  of baked  sweet potato with skin provides more than seven times the amount of beta-carotene that the average adult needs per day, studies show. This antioxidant may improve eye health.

Try with this vegan Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust 

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