4 Ways in which your breakfast could be shortening your life and how to fix it

4 Ways in which your breakfast could be shortening your life and how to fix it

How you start your day and what you choose to eat first thing in the morning has a big impact on your lifespan, but if you adjust some of these habits you can lead a healthier life.

How you start your day, the food you eat and your attitude when you wake up can affect greatly your life. You could actually be shortening your life without even knowing it. If you want to get rid of unhealthy habits, here’s what you should avoid.

1. Skipping your breakfast

Never skip your breakfast.

Studies have shown that people who ate a larger breakfast and a lower intake of calories in their dinner, burned almost twice more calories throughout the day and reported feeling less hungry and craving fewer sweets, thus they are less prone to obesity –which shortens life expectancy up to 14 years.  

Those who skip breakfast altogether increases the risk of cardiovascular-related death by 87%.

2. Including bacon in your breakfast

Eating a lot of bacon and other salty foods raises blood pressure in salt-sensitive people.

Studies have shown that eating 25 grams of bacon a day –a piece of bacon– increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 20%. So choosing healthier alternatives like healthy fats and fruits will lengthen your lifespan.

3. Drinking fruit juice

Go for a piece of fruit instead of juice.

Instead of drinking juice that contains much less fiber, go for a piece of fruit. Increasing half a cup of 100% fruit juice a day can increase the risk of diabetes by 16% -diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the USA.

4. Drinking coffee before eating

You should always eat before your coffee.

It is recommended to have breakfast before drinking black coffee as it can have a negative effect on blood glucose and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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