How do I reduce my sugar intake?

3 Tips to reduce my sugar intake easily

You walk when you take a step, not when you think about walking. It's the same with sugar: do you want to eliminate it, really? Here are some ways to get him out of your home territory and out of your life.

Although sugar is everywhere and very hard to avoid, there are some things you can do to reduce sugar intake dramatically. And some of those things are very simple.

1. Sugar out of the house

The best way to reduce sugar consumption is not to have it on hand. If you want a sweet at home in the evening and you see that you have no sweet products in the kitchen, you will have to take something healthier to satisfy your appetite.

Drink lemonade to replace soda reducing the sugar intake 

2. Replace soda with another drink

Soft drinks are explosive mixtures of water, sugar, and chemicals. A single soda contains about 32 grams of sugar. The WHO recommends a maximum consumption of 25 grams per day. I mean, we're in serious trouble.

Replace soda with other drinks: lemonade, tea, infusions, iced coffee.

3. No more fast food

Fast food served in chains and restaurants contains a lot of sugar, in addition to saturated fat. If you feel like a pizza or a hamburger, prepare them at home, so you know exactly what ingredients you are using and what you are eating.

Beware of "diet-labeled" products

Products labeled under "diet" are usually characterized by being low in fat and calories. But beware of abusing them: many of them have more added sugars to compensate for the lack of taste caused by the reduction of fat in the composition.

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