2 vegan recipes to start your day with a healthy breakfast

2 vegan recipes to start your day with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is too important to reduce to a simple coffee and a piece of toast. The most important thing is that it fills you with energy. If you're a vegan, you might like these suggestions.

The Mediterranean diet and the vegan diet have one thing in common: they propose abundant consumption of plant-based foods. The great recommendation of this diet is at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day, something we should all strive for. 

Fruits, vegetables, legumes or nuts that are usual in the vegan or vegetarian diet are also ideal ingredients for a good breakfast.

So in our breakfast proposals, fruit will be the protagonist. Give a fresh and vegetable touch to your day!

Add some protein by topping your breakfast with seeds, nuts, silken tofu or protein powder.

Vegan strawberry and banana shake

A delicious strawberry smoothie to start your day

Ingredients (4 portions)

Rinse the strawberries, peel the banana and blend with vegetable milk of choice. You can add seeds and nuts for a protein boost. 

Note: choose to taste at room temperature or refrigerate. You can also leave the fruit ready the day before (cleaned, peeled, cut and refrigerated) so you only have to do the blending.

Vegan Banana Porridge
Vegan oatmeal is a healthy breakfast

Ingredients per person

Slice or mash the banana, add the pats and cover with boiling water or vegetable milk. You can microwave for about a minute is using whole oats. Top with cinnamon, raising or maple syrup. 

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