10-a-day: How to get 10 portions of veggies and fruits a day!

10-a-day: How to get 10 portions of veggies and fruits a day!

The recommended dose of 10 vegetables and fruits a day may seem very difficult to achieve. Here is how to!

A study suggests that adding ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day can have a positive emotional effect compared to going from being unemployed to getting a job. It also states that if you cut out vegetables and fruit from your diet, it will have a similar effect as losing someone that you love. Science has proved that our mental health improves with the number of fruits and vegetables we eat a day.

Why are veggies and fruits so good for our health?

Try focusing on including more vegetables in your diet.

They are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber –this reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels. Yet, the average intake of fruits and vegetables is only 4 servings a day.

What is actually 10-a day?

There are significant health benefits to getting 800g of fruit and vegetables a day –not necessarily ten individual servings of each. So a simple chili could provide you with 2 or 3 servings if you count the beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic.

Include beans instead of meat in your meals.

A serving of fruits and vegetables is 80g (40g of dried fruit), smoothies can count as two servings and juices as one.

Tips to get to 10-a day

You can try vegetable and fruit toast spreads!

It is not as difficult as it may seem! Instead of focusing on the food, you shouldn’t be eating, focus on including new vegetables gradually!

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