Yotox: these exercises will change your face! Yotox: these exercises will change your face!

Yotox: these exercises will change your face!

Have you ever heard about 'Yotox'? It’s a new type of yoga that works on the skin of your face, rejuvenating it as Botox would do, but without the needles. It’s the best and healthiest anti-aging treatment, and you can even do it at home!

Why has Yotox become so popular? Facial yoga is widely loved and used by many celebrities, such as Meghan Markle, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Aniston. The reasons for its success are several: it’s not only a natural alternative to cosmetic medicine, but it’s also free and shows results in less than two weeks after starting your exercises!

Learn these basic Exercises 

1. Warm-up

Let’s start with a warm-up: begin making small concentric circles with your fingers on your scalp, as if you were washing your hair. Try circles of different sizes, gently massaging the roots of your hair and applying slight pressure. These movements activate the blood circulation in the area and help to release tension.

2. Get your ears moving!

For the next step, move towards your ears. Lightly grab your earlobes between your thumb and index fingers. Then, lift both of them while applying slight pressure on the area at the tip of your ears.

3. Involve your neck

You can also exercise the muscles in your neck. Most people choose to do this to fight against flabbiness, the weak skin on your neck. The movement focuses on the platysma, the largest muscle in the neck: placing both your closed fists under your chin, try to open your mouth by using your knuckles. Repeat this 30 times.

4. Prepare to get cheeky!

You can also achieve plumper, more youthful-looking cheeks with facial yoga. To help stretch your neck and define the facial oval, lift your cheekbones and make a crooked smile. Repeat 15 times on each side of your face. Another way is to send kisses or blow upwards 30 times with your chin up.

5. Iron the muscles around your mouth

Facial yoga works to tighten the muscles around the mouth, which in turn helps fight the wrinkles around the mouth. As an exercise of this kind, you can begin by inflating your cheeks, achieving a balloon fish effect. This is also useful to relax your cheeks from the inside.

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