Why rosewater is essential in Laura Harrier's skincare routine. Photo: Tom Newton

Why is rosewater essential in Laura Harrier's skincare routine?

The actress, who recently starred in Ryan Murphy's Netflix series Hollywood, reveals her skincare routine and why she loves certain products. Let's see!

Don't tell me you haven't adored Laura Harrier's enthusiastic spirit? She is beautiful, multifaceted, and in a super nice mood. Without more to say, Laura has that complexion that we all wish to have and here we will see what she uses in her skincare routine.

Facial Cleansing
Laura's routine begins with a cleanser that she uses in the morning and at night. She places it on her face and massages so that the skin absorbs the product. Then with some pads she removes all impurities and washes her face with cold water.

Double serum
After cleansing, Laura applies a double serum on her face that is a potent anti-aging plant extract, both water and oil-soluble to ensure a perfect affinity with her skin. It's enriched with anti-aging turmeric to target lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone. She says it makes her look less puffy and beautiful.

Night cream and eye cream before sleep
After applying the serum, she uses an eye cream that soothes, nourishes, and smooths skin while you sleep. It has the power of teasel and organic poppy extracts. Skin appears toned, rested, and refreshed. Then she applies an eye cream with an applicator that smooths lines and helps reduce signs of fatigue around the eye area linked to a hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep.

Rosewater, freshness that never fails
To finish her skincare routine, Laura prefers to use rose water that refreshes and tones her face. Also, its aroma works as aromatherapy, relaxing not only her skin but also body and soul.

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