Why does that blackhead keep appearing in the same spot?

Why does that blackhead keep appearing in the same spot?

If you haven’t experienced it, you are one of the lucky ones. You wash, scrub and pinch that blackhead, but in a few weeks it’s there again. Why is that so?

If you are like me, you’ve had that blackhead that it’s clinging to its life in the middle of the nose and no matter how many times you pop it, it reappears. Surprisingly, it is not as uncommon as you might have imagined.

More often than not, a blackhead keeps popping up on the same spot.

The probable causes

One of the reasons it might be so, it’s because a cluster of bacteria or oil glands constantly cause inflammation. It may also be the case that they are not actually blackheads –they might be simply enlarged pores –a condition is called trichostasis spinulosa and it’s often misdiagnosed. Trichostasis spinulosa is characterized by a combination of bacteria, oil and a cluster of very small hairs that look like black dots on the nose.

The treatment

The best way to eradicate blackheads is following a consistent skincare routine –cleanse, tone, moisturize every day.

Skincare routine example

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