Why do I have redness around the nose?

Why do I have redness around the nose?

In the era of color correction and full coverage makeup, the redness around the nose might not be such a big deal, but what can you do to make it better?

Why do I have redness around the nose?

Of course, occasional redness around the nose can be natural, but if it is persistent, it is best to find out why it happens. 

If we are to generalize the causes of redness around the nose, we could say that the most common causes are rosacea, allergies, or perioral dermatitis.

If you have rosacea you might notice some cysts and telangiectasia (a collection of spider veins), and dermatitis may present some white scales.

Even if you don't have rosacea, The root of redness may still be a series of capillaries that are broken around the nose, as we have a large number of those inside and on the sides of the nose. They can be affected by temperature changes, sun exposure, alcohol consumption or hormones. 

How to tone down redness around your nose

Avoid these foods

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and spice foods as they might worsen the redness. 


Cold compresses can keep the redness and inflammation around the nose at bay. Do not shower with hot water and if you can, use chamomile tea presses to soothe your skin. 

Choose the right products

To reduce the chance of redness, it is better to turn to hypoallergenic products make sure to avoid products that can worsen sensitive skin

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