What is the slow beauty movement?

What is the slow beauty movement?

We all know by now we have to do something about the environment. Now cosmetic brands are joining the slow beauty movement, but what is it?

We have already discussed the slow food movement and the slow fashion movement, we've told you why fast fashion affects the environment and we've taught you how to build a capsule closet. It's now time to turn to the slow beauty movement

Mass production inevitably leads us to a use-and-dispose culture and our landfills just keep on absorbing our waste. Slow fashion lives up to the same principles as mindfulness and minimalism. 

What is slow beauty?

The idea behind slow beauty is that people find a way to develop a sustainable self care routine.

The idea behind slow beauty is that people find a way to develop a sustainable self care routine. It is essentially a response to the industry's quick fixes and the race to stop the signs of aging. 

Principles of slow beauty

Produce in batches 

Slow down

Your self care rituals should not be rushed and we should not feel like taking care of our skin is an obligation. Simplifying your routines and products can lead to better results. 

Produce in batches 

Instead of producing a lot of products with lots of preservatives, the small-batch-making process is better for the environment and for those creating it. Make sure to buy locally as well. 

Buy Ethically

Mass production means that workers are getting paid minimal wages -a lot of cosmetic ingredients are produced with child labor, so you have to pay attention to the supply chain if you don't want to keep on feeding these unethical patterns. 

Make sure your products are vegan and cruelty-free so you don't contribute to animals' suffering. 

How to join the movement

The good news is that you can easily start being more sustainable with a few tweaks to your routine. Try using natural products for self care, create your own lotions and oils and make sure to create a capsule collection of self care products. Invest in a few high-quality products that are sustainably packaged.

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