What is eyelid eczema and what to do about it What is eyelid eczema and what to do about it

What is eyelid eczema and what to do about it

Eczema is extremely annoying, dealing with dry and itchy skin can get frustrating, especially if it happens to be located on your eyelids – this is how to treat it.

Eczema is frustrating wherever it appears, but when you have eyelid eczema, it seems that you cant forget about it for a second, every time you blick your eyes, the discomfort arises. The skin on your eyelids is particularly delicate and thin, so when it inflames and becomes dry, it becomes painful. 

What are the causes of eyelid eczema?

 What are the causes of eyelid eczema?

There are several reasons why you might develop eczema, it is a chronic condition that happens because of a problem in your skin barrier function. If your skin does not retain the moisture it cannot protect you from external aggressors. The chances are that if you suffer from eyelid eczema, it is because you've already dealt with this condition on another part of your body.

Sweat, stress, and different types of products can trigger flares and make your skin more prone to freak out. This is why it is very important to use mild products on your skin. There is also a genetic component to this condition, you are more prone to eczema if someone in your family has a history of allergy, asthma or eczema. 

The symptoms

You might experience very dry and itchy skin, redness, bumpy and cracked skin, You might as well end up scratching it and the skin becomes swollen, scaly, and irritated. 

What to do about eyelid eczema

These topical treatments usually feature corticosteroids. 

First things first, identify what triggers the flares and avoid what causes them. There are also prescription medications to treat eczema but you should always consult a professional. These topical treatments usually feature corticosteroids, which are very effective at relieving inflammation, and itchy skin. 

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