What are strawberry legs? What are strawberry legs?

What are strawberry legs?

Do you see dark, small spots on your legs after you shave? Here's how to deal with it.

"Strawberry legs describe the appearance of dark spots in the skin occurring in a pattern that corresponds to hair follicles or pores," says dermatologist Blair Murphy-Rose, MD. Causes vary but include when shaven hairs are darker (and therefore, more visible) than skin color, enlarged hair follicles, clogged pores, and keratosis pilaris, she adds.

"Enlarged pores can become clogged with buildup (keratin debris, oil, and bacteria) that oxidizes and darkens when exposed to air. Dermatologists call blackheads ‘open comedones’ because they are open and exposed to the air, causing the black dot we see."

Here's how to get rid of it

Dry brush

To help with the exfoliation process, vigorously brush legs with a soft dry brush in circular motions before your bath or shower. Then, soak the skin in warm water for five to 10 minutes before you shave. This helps draw out impurities and loosen dead skin cells trapped inside the pores.


Following exfoliation, you should always moisturize, emphasizes Murphy-Rose. "Keeping your skin well-hydrated will help dead skin cells to shed off naturally and appropriately," she explains.

Use a quality razor

"A cheap, low-quality razor usually dulls much more quickly, gets nicks on the edge of the blade, and is often not as sharp to begin with," says Ali Tobia, a New York based licensed esthetician. "What all of that means is that you’re more likely to repeat the same razor strokes multiple times, which inflames your skin and makes the clogged pores more visible due to surrounding redness."

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