We are all tempted to cut open skincare product tubes, but could it be bad for you?

This is what opening skincare product tubes can do to your skin

We all want to squeeze the last drop of our favorite moisturizer or primer, so we cut the bottom open and dip our fingers to use what’s left on the bottom. But did you know it could actually be bad for you?

I know skincare can be very expensive, so no wonder why we try to get the most of our serums, cleansers, lotions, you name it. But some of the ways we use to squeeze the last drop of the product can actually contaminate it.

The temptation

I confess, I’m the first to cut the tube in half, but experts say that the speed of oxidation of the product speeds and, what’s worse, you could be exposing the lotion to bacteria and fungus, thus jeopardizing your skin. there is a reason why products are packaged in tubes, not in jars –especially those made for your eyes and mouth. Once the tube is cut open, contamination and harmful bacteria can grow in the product.

Body lotions and hair products are more commonly packaged in jars.

The effects

Manufacturers do not create the product for the consumers to dip their fingers into these tubes and this is a very easy way of introducing germs in the product and leads to serious infections.

Antioxidants, peptides, and retinol need packaging for their active components to function

Antioxidants, peptides, and retinol need packaging for their active components to function, and vitamin C is an unstable ingredient that degrades faster when exposed to air and light.

The takeaway

So dermatologists state that it is not worth the risk. Risking your skin health to save a few pennies is not worth it.

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