This is what you should know about homemade skincare products

This is what you should know about homemade skincare products

DIY skincare has gained a lot of popularity, especially after the pandemic. While it is great for your skin and the environment, there are some things you should know about homemade skincare products. 

This is what you should know about homemade skincare products

Skincare became a kind of self-care during the lockdown and, at least from my point of view, it is a trend that won't go away. I look at it as almost my meditation time, it's my moment to do something for myself every day. 

We've had more time to investigate and to pay attention to your skin's needs and to reflect upon our hectic routines. But the question remains, does it really work?

The truth behind DIY skincare

Homemade skincare products will work depending on the ingredients and how you use them. 

There are several homemade skincare products that are quite effective, facial oils, bath salts, moisturizers, face toners, and face washes are great. But if you are looking for acid exfoliants and SPF, it is better to use products that have been rigorously tested. It is also very difficult to calculate the concentration of skin actives, so you have to be careful not to cause any imbalance in your skin's barrier function. 

Ingredients to avoid

You should definitely avoid any product that can compromise your skin's barrier function. When the protective barrier is compromised, your skin can become red, flaky, and itchy. Cinnamon and strawberries should be used with extreme care because they might end up hurting your skin. 

Essential oils should also be used with discretion because they are very potent and they can irritate sensitive skin. 

The bottom line

Produce your skincare products in batches.

You should always check that homemade skincare recipes come from a good source, do a test in a patch of skin before applying it, and produce it in batches, as it does not have any preservative and it could go bad quite quickly. 

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