This is how you reduce frizz

This is how you reduce frizz (Plus a DIY Leave-in recipe)

There is absolutely no problem with frizz, but when a bad hair day comes, sometimes it's difficult to tame your mane. This is how you reduce frizz.

This is how you reduce frizz (Plus a DIY Leave-in recipe)

My hair is like me: temperamental. Some days I'm in love with my curls and sometimes static takes over my hair and I look like something the cat has just dragged in. And most of the time, it's all right, how "neat" my hair looks is not a problem, I'm much more than pretty hair. But some days I just want to let go of my messy hair bun and boast my curls for a change.

What is frizz?

Frizz is usually caused by high humidity that causes the shaft to swell. Chemically treated, dry or curly hair is more prone to static and frizz. Moisture in the air gets trapped in the cuticle of your hair and it alters the texture. 

This is how to reduce frizz

Don't touch it

Touching your hair causes friction and instead of smoothening it, it causes the opposite effect. So try to avoid constantly touching it. 

Stay hydrated

Hydration is paramount for your hair to be nourished. Drink water and use cold water to rinse your hair, don't rub a towel on your hair, sponge it instead.

No friction allowed

Use silk caps or pillowcases to minimize friction and the absorption of oils from the hair. 

You can also protect your hair from friction by using a leave-in conditioner and letting it air dry. 

While it is ok to occasionally blow dry your hair, it is always a better option to stick to air drying. Heat styling further dries your hair and only makes it more prone to static. 

DIY Leave-in conditioner

Aloe vera is perfect to balance the hair's pH.



Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and mist it over your hair, it will close the cuticle and balance the pH of your hair. 

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